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November 15 2011 l ndbs


I was invited to Australian Embassy by a friend for a business gala dinner, the embassy was to outline business opportunities in Australia and I had to look good that day. I pulled my best suit and the tie that I seldom wear. I drove to the gala dinner and on arrival I felt lost as most of the guests were wearing shirts, no ties, just semi formal. This made me realize that each country has a way in which they define dress code for occasions especially in the business circle. It dawned on me on how Arabs conduct businesses in their attire while mingling with western partners in their black suits and red ties. That event made me reflect on the following when invited or for business meeting:



Be smart inside out

People may receive you based on how you have presented yourself outside but as they get closer to you they discover that you are not as smart inside as you look outside. And that tends to make people switch off on you. Always improve your communication skills and be informed of the current affairs. Wearing like an Arab does not make you Arabian. Do not try to dominate conversation on issues relating to Arabs just because you are wearing like Arabs, that may lead to argument as they try to prove how ignorant you are about their culture.

Be like them if you can

Showing interest in a particular culture can play a role in you securing the business deal you long wanted to lay your hands on. Just shop around to look for something that will make you look good and you don’t have to go expensive. Get some background on your dress code just in case they ask you if you know what you are wearing, that will show deep interest than just trying to impress in order to get a deal. Do not try to compete, be comfortable.

Colors speak

Take time to find different interpretation of colors so that you do not get interpreted incorrectly based on what you are wearing. If you are given a theme as purple you might as well align yourself without putting much consideration on the interpretation but under normal circumstances have color meanings in mind.

Suit does carry a message

Suit does carry a message especially when meeting clients because your first appearance will tell how much you value the meeting and the respect you have for them. Listen to your inner self when pulling that outfit from the closet. Are you doing it to look smart or doing it to prove a point, or you are doing it to show off? Whatever the answer maybe, do not let your attire becloud the purpose of the meeting. And being overly dressed may make you loose focus as you will always be cautious that nothing spills on your designer suit lest you be offended.

When doing business transaction, do not let suits intimidate you, scrutinize everything as most corrupt deals were sealed under tailor made suit radar.



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