Things To Avoid In Order To Keep Highway To Your Clients Open

January 31 2012 l ndbs    By: Derrick Ndzavi       

Running own business takes a lot of discipline and efforts. Every business is like a child that waits on mommy to breastfeed, the moment mommy fails to continuously breastfeed the child that child will be exposed to different kind of diseases. The health of that child is depended upon the mother and more often mommy does not require thermostat to measure the child’s temperature level, by just looking at the child she can tell instantly that the child is sick. How often do we apply forethought in our daily operation of our businesses? Our consistence and inconsistency thereof will determine how far our business will grow and how many clients we will attract to our businesses.

For highway to be always open avoid:

Doing the opposite

Your phone has wonderful applications that make your life easier, but there is one thing that most business people do and think they can get away with. A voicemail goes like: “Your call is important to us, please leave your message and number we will contact you within 24 hours, alternatively send us text message and we will definitely get back to you”. And you get home or to the office you do not even bother to listen to the message and the worse that you do is dial the voicemail number, instead of listening to those messages you start deleting one by one. The same applies to your email.   You have programmed it in such a way that whenever a client sends you a message it will automatically respond politely” Thank you for contacting us, we will revert back to you in due course” To many due course can be after 10 days.

The moment you make you client feel less important you make that client think that you are too busy for them and that client will look for other service provider, not because your product is no longer the best but because you are doing the opposite of who you say you are. If you are late in response first apologize to the client before responding to their needs that way you might still get business from them.

Being late always for a meeting

You knew a week before that you are having a meeting or appointment, you planned well for that meeting in advance and even prepared attire for the meeting, however on the day of the meeting you show up 20 30 minutes late. And the best excuse ever is “traffic”. Then buy a Helicopter please!!! Everybody knows there is traffic, as a matter of fact some of the people in the meeting used the same road you used and arrived earlier and your lie of saying there was an accident might make things worse for you.  

It is not always that we can be on time for a meeting but if that is happening always you are on your way down of killing your business. There is no way that you can realize 30 minutes prior to the meeting that you will be running late. Mostly you notice 45 minutes to an hour before that time might be against you and at that moment you must make a call to say you are running late.   Do not send sms but make a phone call, speak to somebody, let them here your voice that you are still alive and on your way to the meeting. Should the client call you to find out how far are you do not lie and give wrong calculations about the kilometers because the client knows how many minutes it can take to drive in that distance.

Delivering product late

It does not matter how special or unique your product is, if you fail to sell it correctly your clients will go for non special product that is sold correctly. Being late in delivering goods or services is inexcusable. When a client orders a product already that client has timeline as to when to expect it. Late delivery puts client on panic mode and by the time you arrive with the product the blood pressure might have reached its peak. Next time the client will not order from you just to avoid stress and that will affect your business.

If you notice that there is default or any glitch on the product or delivery of service, communicate with the client before the delivery date for the client to be prepared emotionally. If you know that you still need help in this area rather not take client’s deposit or full amount until you put your house in order. And it is often those service providers who are unreliable who always want deposit or full pay upfront.

Calling clients when broke

Imagine receiving a call eight months after having bought a product from a person and it goes like “Good day, you bought Home made jam from us still remember? I was checking if you would like to place other order”. You will be lucky if that client does not drop a call on your ears while bubbling.  

Clients do loose phones like you do even when at times you are using it as an excuse for not having stored your friend’s number. You need to regularly check with your clients because while the phone is lost they may not come to you but will look for any product similar to yours and use it. If you can visit them do so, they might give you and order even when you pretended as if you were not there for that. After sale service is of paramount in every business

Your clients have the cash you need to grow and expand your business; you have the product they need to enhance their lifestyle. Do not allow anything to stand in between.

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