Charlie Chaplin Is Dead, Stop Acting!


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December 14 2013 l ndbs  

To those familiar with the name will know that Charlie Chaplin was a famous movie actor and producer who graced the screens during World War 2 and died in 1977.  During his time Television and cinemas were predominant in the first world countries. 

One thing that stands out about Charlie is that he was able to act in a movie alone from beginning to end and still get the audience glued to the screen.  Similar approach was used by Rowan Atkinson through his Mr Bean series.  The world has become a bigger stage now that one actor cannot pull an act together and still command larger audience. 

Charlie Chaplin’s approach has also been demonstrated over years in the business world where one person would run the company and amass millions.  In today’s business environment it is no longer easy to pilot the business alone and still make it.  The way business is so integrated it would be difficult for one person to study Information Technology, Law and administration in order to run the company efficiently hence a need to bring in various skills and run a company collectively.  For one to do that one has to:

Stop being one man show and Appoint Board of Directors

Many entrepreneurs have gotten used to doing things themselves and no one is assessing them and helping them, no wonder most businesses just go down as they lack proper oversight.  You do not have to wait until you have made millions for you to appoint directors in your company.  You need to set up a team from the start as they will help steer the company according to the vision you have laid down as the founder. 

Those individuals that you call whenever you have an idea to run through them before implementing, those are the individuals you need to consider for directorship.  If you have no money to pay them you need to make it clear to them than make false promises.  The Directors that you appoint can be compensated for attending meetings without necessarily being paid monthly salary.  It is advisable to bring together a team that has diverse expertise, that way unlike Charlie Chaplin you are creating room for supporting actors.  

Stop doing everything yourself and delegate

Charlie Chaplin was the actor, producer, script writer and director, no wonder he could not maintain the support he had.  You cannot be in the company 24/7, you need to delegate responsibilities to your directors and staff that you work with.  If you do not have employees you need to find way to have your appointed directors assist you as they can be willing to help than being there only for meetings.  You need to take into consideration that these people are well known in the community and they are in different networks and can easily negotiate where you find it hard to.

Start Networking with others

Not only do you need skills and experiences of Directors but also those who are in your industry and those you can meet at seminars and network events that are in your area or even far from where your business operates from.  Find out how they do it and apply what can work in your business.  Don’t die a lonely life like Charlie Chaplin who passed away in Switzerland away from USA where he built his career.



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Dear Entrepreneur... You are on your own

When you share your business idea with family and friends no one seems to understand what you are trying to say. 

When you share with those you think have been in business before you they tell you it is impossible. 

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From A Poor Child To A Rich Dad

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You may be born in the poor family where it was tough growing up that you had to work in order to get money to pay school fees or have money for transport, but you have a choice to change all that by how you save and spend what you earn on your daily job for you to become rich. 

It would be futile to redefine what has been defined million times that if one was to google the word Poor so many explanations will pop up, the same with the word Rich. 

You can google if you want just to get a clear meaning as sometimes we get caught in familiarity that some words we think we know the meaning when in reality we know what others told us.  In case you know by now what the words really mean, lets look at how can you work your way to riches:

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Every business owner has an ambition to grow the business and expand sales but very few keep focused on this ambition.  There is a lack of consistency when it comes to monitoring sales growth and implementing new strategies or maintain existing strategies that will see company growing in profit.   

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Excuse Me Boss, You've Got Mail

Whatsapp, Facebook Inbox, WeChat, Viber, gmail, ymail, you name them, that is what has been made available at our finger tips.  You ignore an email that a friend sent, you then receive whatsapp asking if you did go through it.  You ignore whatsapp, the moment you update your status someone dash into your wall and say: “I am still waiting for your response on the email I sent”.  No more excuse, no place to hide, that is how connected we have become and ignoring any means of communication is inexcusable in today’s life.  

Staying Positive Under Negative Economic Circumstances

Petrol price is going up and up and up, GDP figures are declining, Inflation is rising,  Most companies are closing down due to financial constraints, Operating costs are swallowing the profit every month.  These things have a potential of rising the blood pressure especially if you are a business owner caught in this economic turmoil.  Resilience and determination is needed coupled with positive attitude in order to sail through the storm.

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Be A Sales Rep Not A Beggar

"Thank you thank you thank you mcwaaaaaa! I owe you a lot”, that is the expression you get from a desperate sales Representative after getting a business from a client.  Those are the expressions that make the buyer wonder if they were the only client the sales representative had.

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The First 100 Days In Your Business

First 100 days are crucial for any head of state as that is the time to get settled in the office amidst all the hype and the excitement of having won the elections.  That is when the head of state appoint the cabinet, meet different Director Generals who have been serving in the previous term, handing of olive branch to opposition, chopping and changing.  

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Who Stole The Cookie From The Cookie Jar?

"Lerato stole the cookie from the cookie jar. Who? Me? Yes you. Couldn’t be.  Then who stole the  cookie from the cookie jar?  Nkateko stole the cookie from the cookie jar. Who? Me? Yes you. Couldn’t be.  Then who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?  Derrick stole the cookie from the cookie jar. Who? Me? Yes you.  Couldn’t be.” 

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