Establishing Your Business Embassies



April 21 2012 l ndbs   By: Derrick Ndzavi 

Every country has an embassy outside its own territory, however those embassies are in the countries that are in good working relation with such a country.  And often a country deploys either a former minister or government employee to run the international office.  There could be reason for that as since this person is retired might take up a job for the pride of the country than career ambitions.  Your business also needs Embassies in different spheres of operations and customer bases for you to draw more sales.  And there are no better people to deploy than your clients who have received best service from you.  Get the best out of your clients by getting them to talk about your business without paying them by following the below principles:

Client Call

It is not expected of you as entrepreneur to always call your clients now and then as they might feel coerced to give you business.  The least you can do is randomly check on your clients, a day call two clients but not same ones within a week unless there is a product or service they requested you to look for them.  By calling you are making them aware that you still have their numbers and records in place.

Product Care

Most entrepreneurs call their clients when its time to refill or change the product or product is about to expire.  Some times it is good to call a client and find out if the product, that you do not anticipate a problem at all, is still in good condition and functioning normal.  You will be surprised of what you will find out from that call, if the client is happy will immediately tell you how many people showed interest and that will be a good opportunity to ask for their contact details. Remember the client is the contact person but not sales rep so the interest of the other person about your product may mean less to that client hence did not bother to call and let you know about it.

Product Complimentary

As entrepreneur you need to bear in mind that your product may need supplementary products to function well and you may not be supplying for those complimenting products but the clients may expect you to source them on their behalf.   You can not dump the bread oven at client’s doorstep when you don’t even know where to get cheaper flour.  

Regular Invitations

If there is one thing that makes clients feel special is when they are invited to network sessions, product launch or any event that will bring them together and give them opportunity to meet others using your products thus creating platform for business network.  Every time they meet one thing they will remind each other is where they met which happens to be your place or the event you organised.

Your clients are best people to promote your business and are the worse to destroy it depending on how you treat them.  Only when you do the right thing that they will open their mouth and talk good about your business.


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