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In MentorshipYOU are our strategy

We see our Mentorees as our strategic partners as we believe that in helping their businesses we will be able to create value and a lasting legacy.  In the period of 6 to 12 months that we work with the Telemachuses/Mentorees/Mentees we are able to activate the ability that will help take the company or organisation to new heights.   Not only do we focus on company, we do pay special attention on personal development and address emotional factors that can hinder business growth through counselling and encouragement.  Our Mentors are Accredited with Institute Of Business Advisors which is regulated by SAQA.

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Desired Outcome


-Empower businesses to be able to stand on their own.

-Assist them and position them for business opportunities.

-Assist the companies in accessing finance.

-Develop entrepreneurial skills to the business owners who otherwise might not have had opportunity

  to do so before starting a business.

Mentorship Program

We avail our services to assist you in your business endeavor and help you set up your business and get it into operation effectively.  The following services  will made available to you for a period of 12 months:

1. Consultation

-Assessment and evaluation (Forms will be sent to fill in order to give us indication of your business understanding and our intervention)

-File allocation with Mentee number for record purpose (File will be allocated on our first meeting)

2. Mentorship for Entrepreneurs

We are going to take you through compliance process, prepare you with basics on owning and running a business and make available resources and information that will help you grow personally before venturing into business,  the intention is to allow you to understand the process and take full ownership of your Intellectual Property

Our interventions cover the following:

  • Assist you in developing a Business Plan, Business Model Canvas, profile, proposals and review existing ones,  We make resources available and allow you to work on documents directly and we guide you through the process, the intention is to allow you to understand the process and take full ownership of your business plan.
  • Business Advisory services in general and Mentorship
  • EQ enhancement within Entrepreneurial space
  • Market research
  • Personal Branding and positioning
  • Business Branding, marketing and PR Positioning
  • Financial management
  • Business partnering, acquisitions and mergers
  • Trade show/Expo readiness
  • Business mapping
  • Financial Projections
  • Assist in marketing your business, networking and linking it with potential clients national and globally
  • Serving as Non-executive Board Member in your company where board has been set upon invitation to do so.
  • Representation to investors or any platform on behalf of company as per arrangement


The process is for maximun 12 months whereby is reviewed after that period and we give you monthly reports and overall report after 12 months. We allocate 1 day a month, an hour a day whereby we have a one-on-one session with you.  This includes online consultation and over the phone should you need advice or clarity on any business related matter.  Should it not be possible to meet due to distance or commitment, we also offer online video consultation.   After a period of 12 months the program will be reviewed and extended as per agreement that will be reached, the extended agreement can include appointing us as Non executive directors for your company to give continuous business advice and insight at agreed retention fee.   Mentorship is per company irrespective of how many members are in a company, members can meet with us jointly or separately. 

Advisory And Consultation for Executives 

 The following services we will make available to you for a period of 12 months:
  • Do review on business concept, plan, profile, proposals and where possible assist in drafting them
  • Source information related to your business idea and set up within set time, information will be gathered in research form or one on one with those who can provide with such information
  • Have monthly meetings for progress review or as per arrangement should need arise to meet urgently in order to plan, strategize, give feedback, compile documents, fill documents or any matter that may require urgency, meetings can be in person or via electronic media (Skype)
  •  Offer advice and opinion on matters related to business
  •  In the event that business is operational, will assist in monitoring and reviews on its performance and advice on what needs to be done to enhance performance of staff, stakeholders and suppliers.
  • Assist in implementing strategies, plans, programs aimed and starting any business or grow existing ones
  • Regular contact will be established via telephone, chats an any other forms of communication as per both parties availability

Group Mentorship

We do offer monthly group mentorship through workshop/seminar addressing various topics, this service is also offered to companies that require workshop/semina with employees.  

Our Guidelines And Manuals

Our company use various resources which are accredited and also use continuous information to be always up to date with the industry needs.

Our Success Stories

Our success is better told by our clients individually and organisations that we worked with.  Our impact is felt beyond borders as we receive testimonies of the sucecess after following our advices formally through program and informally via social media platforms.


Our Clients


Gauteng Enterprise Propeller

We have worked with Gauteng Enterprise Propeller through their mentorship program and we time to time help with enterprise programs and activations.

Women in Water empowerment Program

We were tasked with developing Mentorship Manual for the program launched by Department Of Water and Sanitation reporting to Water Research Council and helped the Appointed service provider in charge of Mentors with Coordinating Mentorship program and monitoring the mentorship sessions

International Level

We have partnered with various organisations such as Orange Corners owned by Netherlands Embassy in SA and South African Turkey Business Association in their Enterprise development programs, we do have individuals from different countries that are part of our program. 


We have worked with individuals from various professions and owners of companies offering advisory service and mentorship.


YOU. Welcome Aboard!

For Appointment and more on the program send us email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or use details on our Contact Us


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