5 Keys To Creating Staff Precision And Harmonious Work Environment



March 27 2013 l ndbs   By: Ndzavi Derrick Hlungwani 


You have hired the best team to work for you, but is your team the best combination to work harmoniously together?  Any person’s best is dependent on joint force as it takes a team to get the job done than one person.  It is upon the CEO to see that there is synergy at the work place for the job to be done correctly and efficiently without quarrels and squabbles.  The following are the keys to creating staff precision and harmonious work environment:

  1. Regular interaction with staff

In no way can you know your staff without spending time with them.  You need to put the CEO title aside and be a human being that you are to your staff.  Allow them to knock at your door and talk to you without asking if they are done with their work.  By being yourself you will easily pick if the employee has a problem with fellow employee wherein you can offer advice on how to deal with the matter or step in and deal with it yourself. 

  1. Avoid Gossip with staff

Owners fall in a trap of finding themselves gossiping about their employees in the name of seeking information.  It is true that staff can give you better information about themselves but your intentions must be clear that you want to assist in taking the company forward than promoting backbiting and slandering.  IF you happen to discuss your employee with fellow employee let your discussion be confined within the parameters of your company and business and have remedial steps to the situation or else you will discuss one person for the entire year. The moment you are seen with certain staff member always you already create perception that there is something the two of you are brewing.

  1. Delegate duties fairly

Do not deploy someone to a job which that person has no experience in at the expense of someone more knowledgeable to execute the task, that way you create tension amongst your staff as they see that as favoritism.  The favored are easily thrown in the dungeon and that is what you would not want to see happen in your business.  If you delegate someone inexperienced ask the one experienced to oversee that person and make it clear that you want that person to have knowledge of the task or duty also. 

  1. Demote without ambiguity

Most owners patronize their employees that it becomes obvious.  You know the person has been off for 10 days and that has affected production, when the person come back you already made up your mind to take away certain responsibilities from that person, but instead of raising your concerns you start telling that employee how much work that person has and you want to delegate others to assist.  Is that not obvious that you have found that employee ineffective and unable to do the job due to absenteeism?  Get to the point, tell the employee the real reason why you are delegating certain duties and the person will respect you for that because if you do not come out clear you will create enormity between the employees.

  1. Make time to play

Too much work and no play make the job boring.  Keep staff motivated by promising them a bowling day once the target is reached, and even if the target is not reached you still can take them out for their efforts.  It is in that play time that they will interact better and when they come back to work they become oiled machines that will work harmoniously.  And loosen up a bit yourself and show some humor. 

Everyone working spends at least eight hours at work and that is where a person should be happy.  The key to happiness at work is hidden in relationship with fellow employees.  Their happiness will resonate to the company’s processes and systems in pursuit of its success and profitability.




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