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Our company focus on Online Economic News update, Advices, Interviews, Events Calendar.  We offer companies interviews whereby the owners are able to explain in details their services and answer questions that are lingering in the mind of consumers about their services.  The companies do not pay for interviews.  And if the company does not need interview but wants their profile to feature on our site we do that.

Our website was started in 2011 and has over 300 visitors a day and is growing.  We attract visitors by posting our stories and stories of the companies we profile on various social medias where there are over 20 000 users in the groups that we currently belong and looking at growing the number of groups for greater exposure. The interview/profile will run for one week (seven days)  on the website as headline story under Entrepreneur Precinct page and the interview will be continued if we do not have other bookings until we get the next interview.  

During this period your company will be promoted on facebook, twitter and other social groups.  After one week  the interview will feature below the headline story as down feed and will run for a period of two months or more depending on the intake of new adverts.  Thereafter it will be on our archives where people can view it indefinitely.  Your company will be linked to google and other search engines via our website.  We will also negotiate with local newspapers to publish the interviews.

Please note that for interview you do not pay but if you want to run advert along the interview it will cost R 1 200.00 once off payment whereby the advert will run for a period of 12 months. The amount is paid upfront or as per arrangement.    And if you don't wish to advertise we will still do interview/profile for your company on our site when you give us go ahead.  The interview can be done online by us sending you questions and you answer and send them back to us via email or you can send us your profile to load it if you don't want to do interview, however we found interview more effective as readers are able to interact with the company after having tapped into the owner's mind.

How the Advert is Placed

We generate revenues to sustain the website through advertisers.  We will place an advert along the interview, the advert will be supplied by you or we will design one if you do not have one.  The advert will run in the Entrepreneur Precinct page for a month, thereafter rotated to different pages for exposure for a period of five  months.  After that it will be put in our Classified page for a period of 6 months, in total will be 12 months.   After that period it will be placed under archives indefinitely.  

For the advert you will pay R1 200 which is 250 x not more than 450 size.  (The Size of Adverts on The Side Bar)

Banner Adverts

The Banner is advert of the size of the one on top of this page.   Please note that if you want the Banner advert that will feature on top and at the bottom the prices are as follows:

Top only: R 2000 for a period of 6 months rotating on different pages (890 x less than 200)

Bottom only:   R 1 500 for a period of six months rotating on different pages (890 x less than 200)

Top and Bottom:  R 2 500 for period of six months rotating on different pages (890 x less than 200)

Whenever we do updates on Facebook and other social medias we attach our adverts for people to see.  The adverts are linked to your website.  If you do not have website we can upload your profile on our website as a link to the potential clients.

NB:  Please note that the Advert can be run in any of our pages if we do not have bookings for the ad space even when our agreement with you has expired but before we do that we will check with you to make sure there are no changes on the business even. And again, if you want the interview only without advert, we will gladly promote your company and run the interview.




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