What is Off-Shore?


  Sandy Fitzpatrick, Canada

They drill oil they call it Off-shore and when you bank they call it off-shore. can you simplify it epecially on finance side.

Posted: August 26 2013

  NDBS Answer:

Off-shore means that something is based outside of one's national boundaries. It is commonly used to refer to foreign banks, corporations, investments and deposits. A company may legitimately move offshore for the purpose of tax avoidance or to enjoy relaxed regulations. An individual can have an Offshore Account, most countries have introduced measures where they limit the money that goes out to off-shore account to curb tax evasion and money laundering.


  What Does Multinationals Mean?

Sammy Mlodzi, Zimbabwe

Posted: August 20 2013

  NDBS Answer:

This simply mean a company or organization that operates in different countries.  That organization has managers who oversee operations in each country as every country has its own laws and rules, therefore someone is needed on the ground to liaise regularly with authorities to enforce compliance.


  What Is Impairment In Business?

NDBS Reader

Posted: August 15 2013

  NDBS Answer:

This is a reduction in a company's stated capital. This is usually reduced because of poorly estimated losses or gains.


  How Much does It Cost To Register As Financial Service Provider?

Nandipha Sibanyoni, South Africa

I intend to register with FSB for my financial service but I am not getting clear fees, the ones on their website are very complicated an in Government Gazzette.

Posted: August 12 2013

  NDBS Answer:

The Financial service Board charges R 1 690 for the license, the amount exclude administrative FSP.  The fees increases based on the incorporated service to perform extra duties. 


  What is Intrapreneur?

NDBS Reader

Posted: July 29 2013

  NDBS Answer:

This is an individual with entrepreneurial skill employed by a company to turn an idea into profit through applying entrepreneurial  skills.


  How Do Zimbabweans Vote For Their President as Per constitution?

NDBS Reader

Posted: July  31 2013

  NDBS Answer:

This is how the system works in brief:

* Zimbabwe has 6.4 million registered voters who are expected to cast their ballots at 9,735 polling stations dotted around the southern African country.

* Voters directly elect a president, 210 members of parliament and more than 9,000 councillors. Sixty women will be appointed through proportional representation to the Lower House of Parliament while 60 people will be appointed in the Upper Senate via the same system.

* Voting starts at 0500 GMT (1 a.m. ET) and ends at 1700 GMT. Vote tallying and counting starts immediately after the close of polls and results for council, parliament and president are posted outside each polling station.

* The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) will announce winners for parliament in their constituencies, while results for president will be announced at the commission's headquarters in Harare within five days of voting.

* A presidential candidate requires 50 percent plus one vote for an outright win. In the event no candidate gets that, a run-off will be held on September 11 between the top two contestants.



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