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Table for Ten Boardroom is a BUSINESS SESSION  where every member is a LADY and a GENTLEMAN who fly entrepreneurship flag high.  It is meant for creating platform where ideas are shared, advices are given, surveys are conducted, coaching is provided and questions are answered by none other than Ladies and Gentlemen around the table themselves, You included, with some snacks on the table.   You are able to seek opinion outside your boardroom and your work environment around the table with strangers who will ultimately become friends.  This is where your Business is redefined and Ideas Sharpened.

Upcoming Event

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There is no registration or membership fee by virtue of having attended the sessions a person become a member.  The minimum number of attendees is 10.  This is to allow everybody to interact effectively and everyone to be able to remember who they met and the impact they had on each other’s lives.

Who should take part

Any person who is in business or intend to start a business and would like to sit around the table with other entrepreneurs who have been there before, or anyone who can provide advice to those around the table.   In every session only 20 entrepreneurs are expected to attend for effectiveness.

Business of the day

Every attendee will have an opportunity to:

-          Sell business products and services

-          Advertise own business

-          Seek advice from fellow entrepreneurs

-          Offer advice to fellow entrepreneurs

-          Share idea to hear what other entrepreneurs have to say

-          Exchange business cards

-          Recruit business ambassadors for your business

-      Pitch Your Idea to Investors

In every event we will invite potential investors and those who would like to present their ideas to Investors they will be given opportunity to

do so, This will be done as a Pitch session or One on One with the Investor, you will need to send your profile before the event so that we can assist

and advice on how to position yourself


Benefits for attending

-           Getting free advertisement through top desk pamphlet drop

-          Get your company profiled on associates Business Websites

-          Get free Consultation for your business for period of three months

-          Meet Guest Entrepreneurs who share their success stories and offer advice

-          Exchange of business information and sharing of knowledge

-          Getting business ambassadors for your business as they will talk about your business

-         Unlocking fresh connections and friendship that otherwise you would not have made

The following will be the agenda/program:


  1. Introduction of businesses – You can do it yourself or the facilitator can do it for you
  2. Address by Ndzavi Derrick Or/And Guest Speaker - You will be notified of Guest speaker before event
  3. Questions session
  4. Challenges your Business faces – You can submit a note with challenges to remain anonymous or can outline

                                                                           them to hear the views of other entrepreneurs, and you will also be

                                                                           expected to  share your views on other Entrepreneurs challenges

  1. Resolutions – the resolutions will be based on the challenges and the contributions in finding solutions by

                              entrepreneurs in attendance

  1. Networking and Exchanging contacts  
  2. Close of Session


What to Bring Along

-          Company Profile

-          Business Cards

-          Business Banner

-          Ideas

Dates, Time and venue where it is taking place

The Table for Ten event takes place in the environment outside the office. The events take place around Gauteng with intention of extending them to other provinces and internationally as business around the world face same challenges and are interlinked through monetary systems and internet, there are no more boundaries.  The event dates are Saturdays and the attendees are free to arrange follow-up sessions if they feel a need to do so.  The time is three hours, 08:30 until 11:30, any changes on dates and times will be communicated in time.

Send email to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  and invitation will be sent directly to your email, in the emial do indicate which event and date you would like to be part of. Please note that space per venue is limited.  The sooner you reserve the better.  

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