What does it mean by US Government Shutdown?



  Reneilwe Mashabela, South Africa

Posted: October 01 2013

The world is buzzying with US Shutdown.  What does it actually mean?

  NDBS Answer:

Government shutdown happens when Congress fails to authorize budget, this can be cause by disagreement by the ruling and the opposition party and lead to partial stoppage of government services to its citizen, however essential service staff are allowed to work and their salaries are allocated.  In 2013 the agreement could not be reached as Republican wanted to debate Obama Healthcare Law that they claim was passed in a rush therefore they do not approve a budget allocated towards that. 

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  What is Palladium used for and how valuable is it?

Danielle Serope, South Africa

Posted: September 28 2013

I read with interest news about ABSA having won regulatory approval to deal with palladium, what significance is in palladium?

  NDBS Answer:

Palladium is a metal like Gold and Silver.  The most common use for palladium is in catalytic converters for automobiles and other engine equipped machines. A catalytic converter contains catalysts which convert (hence, the name) the toxic substances in engine exhaust into inert or less toxic substances. This produces a cleaner exhaust that conforms to EPA standards. Catalytic converters can use a number of different catalysts, but palladium is among the cheapest and most effective. Interestingly, catalytic converters are one of the top uses for palladium, and reclaimed catalytic converters are a big source of palladium.

Another common use for palladium is in multilayer ceramic capacitors. These are an important part of common electronics equipment such as cell phones, laptops, fax machines, etc. Palladium is also used in connector plating for a number of electronics.

Palladium is traded same as Gold and Platinum and other elements in Stock Exchanges and ABSA wants to tap into that market.



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