Why are E-Tolls Called Gantries or Gumtrees?

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  Cynthia Rice, South Africa

Why are these South African government imposed e-tolls called gantries or gumtrees.  

Posted: October 27 2013

  NDBS Answer:


Cynthia they are not called gumtrees but gantries.  They are called gantries because they are stretched from one side of the road to the other like a crane which the word was taken from.  The word means  framework of steel bars raised on side supports to bridge over or around something; can display railway signals above several tracks or can support a traveling crane.

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  What Is The  Difference Between Macro Economic and Micro Economic Policies?

Alfred Baloyi, South Africa

How does one differenciate between Macro and Micro Economic policies.   

Posted: October 24 2013

  NDBS Answer:

Macro economic policies are set of guidelines that deal with broad issues of growth, tax, inflation, investment and infrastructure development on a national level, and job creations.  whereas micro economic policy deals with the individual parts of the economy, the household and the firm, how prices are determined and how prices determine the production, distribution and use of goods and services. Once the government get the macro Economic policies right, micro will be easy to implement as that falls within the armpit of directors whereas macro is within the ruling party and the ministers.

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  What is the Link Between Khula, SEFA, IDC and The Banks?

Aldonia Shabangu, South Africa

I would like to know the link between these institutions as when one want to apply for loan banks says it will refer the application to  SEFA or IDC or Khula.

Posted: October 21 2013

  NDBS Answer:

Government institutes provide funding in partnership with banks whereby when a person approaches the bank they serve as guarantee and pay 80% upfront to the bank.  The borrower is still expected to submit business plan to the bank then the bank approach the institutes for finance.  The bank can provide funding also depending on the banking history of the client.  Note also that Khula has been discontinued and replaced by SEFA whereby one can apply for any amount less than Five Million Rands, IDC and NEF now refers loans below R5m to SEFA.

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  I Heard of one Company Director going on Sabbatical Leave, what Does It Mean?

Nolleen Louw, USA

Posted: October 17 2013

  NDBS Answer:

Sabbatical leave is a year or shorter period of absence for study, rest, or travel, given at intervals but originally was given after every seven years especially to college teachers and now to people in other fields, at full or partial salary.  This leave is taken also by CEOs of the companies, some take it after resigning from previous job to rest and weight options before next move.

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 What is The Difference Between National Health Insurance in South Africa and Obamacare In USA?

NDBS Reader

Posted: October 14 2013

  NDBS Answer:

ObamaCare (also known as Health Care reform) is a national health care plan aimed at reforming the American health care system. ObamaCare's main focus is on providing more Americans with access to affordable health care, improving the quality of health care, regulating the health insurance industry and reducing spending in health care.  Health insurance is not compulsory for everyone but companies will be expected to pay portion and employees will choose from the options provided by the government without being pressured by companies to take private Health care.  It provides subsidies for low-income families and small businesses by taxing some health care providers and high income families. It changes how doctors are reimbursed by insurance companies, from a fee-for-service basis to a quality-for care basis. The overall goal is to lower health care costs, and provide better health care, for society at large.

In the case of South Africa the The National Health Insurance (NHI) is a financing system that will make sure that all citizens of South Africa (and legal long-term residents) are provided with essential healthcare, regardless of their employment status and ability to make a direct monetary contribution to the NHI Fund.  The NHI will offer all South Africans and legal residents access to a defined package of comprehensive health services. The state is committed to offering as wide a range of services as possible. Although the NHI service package will not include anything and everything, it will offer care at all levels, from primary health care, to specialised secondary care, and highly specialised tertiary and quaternary levels of care.

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 What is The Difference Between SATRIX And JSE?  Can one Buy Shares directly To JSE Without SATRIX?

Phume Mdlalose, KZN, South Africa

I am planning to buy shares but want to know if SATRIX differs from JSE and how do I get involved in either of the two.

Posted: October 12 2013

  NDBS Answer:

SATRIX buys shares like any other broker on your behalf and they buy shares in bulk from JSE listed companies that are bundled into one performing portfolio...Under SATRIX you have the TOP 40 index of best performing companies or INDUSTRIAL INDEX....this companies may not perform well on day to day but annually the shares gain value since they support each other in a way.  JSE is the South African Stock Exchange where any company can be listed if it meets requirements and the companies are grouped in INDEXES and also traded as individuals.

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 Can The bank Reposses My Assets That I Acquired Before Borrowing Their Money That Am Failing To Pay Back?

NDBS Reader

Posted: October 10 2013

  NDBS Answer:

The bank will attach anything of value should you fail to pay back the money since you might not use the money to buy immovable assets.  Whether you bought it 20 years ago once they get default judgment against you they will look for anything in your name.

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  How long does it take for money transferred via internet (EFT) from one bank to another to show in one’s account?

NDBS Reader

Posted: October 08 2013

  NDBS Answer:

It takes between 12 to 48 hours depending on what time the transaction took place, if money was transferred after before 12pm it might appear before midnight.  However all depend on the banks and the person sending money can request immediate clearance which comes with charges.  If it is transaction to same bank it shows immediately.

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  What Is Remittance In Business?

NDBS Reader

Posted: October 06 2013

  NDBS Answer:

Remittance is the inflow of money from one country to another sent by migrants working outside the country whereby they send money to their families and such transactions contribute to the economic growth as cash is provided to spend in the country.

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  Do Law Firms Provide PRO BONO Services To Entrepreneurs?

Lindiwe Sthole, South Africa

Posted: October 04 2013

I want to know if Law firms to provide Pro Bono services to Entrepreneurs.

  NDBS Answer:

Yes they do depending on their law practice prerequisite.  You just need to get a law firm that deals with company laws and check if they provide free services but the answer is yes there are Law firms that provide free services.

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  Money Is Taken From My Account Without My Authorisation, What Must I Do?

Thomas Radebe, South Africa

Posted: October 03 2013

My money is taken by a company that I don't know about.  What must I do?

  NDBS Answer:

Whether you authorized those who took money or not you have the right to stop the transaction.  You need to notify the bank as soon as you notice that money has been taken, Bank takes 7 days before they can pay the debit order to those who took the money and if the request is made before 7 day period the money will be reversed to your account.  Always check your account as a debit order less than R100 may not report on your phone.



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